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Jilline Ringle, the self-proclaimed "six-foot redheaded Amazon from Hell whom all men desire" was one of those rare people whose many gifts touched many hearts. Performer, sister, friend, confidant, daughter...she was many things to many people. Jilline passed away on February 28, 2005 at age 40 from complications due to cancer, which she fought for more than two years.

Jilline was truly larger than life. Everyone who knew her discovered her complexities and spirit. She could step onto the stage and command an audience's attention with such aplomb that you thought she must be like this all the time. Her humor, her voice, her encyclopedic knowledge of literature, music, religion and food made her that much more interesting. Her interests and experiences informed her performances, her performances informed how her legions of fans grew with every note she sang.

This site will be compiled with the help of every single one of you who visit. I served in the capacity of Director of Public Relations for The Chalfonte Hotel (1996-2008) where Jilline performed her original devastatingly intelligent cabarets for more than a decade. I was also her friend. I only knew Jilline for 10 years, a short time in the scheme of things, and I would encourage you to help me create a site that fully honors her life. Clearly, this is a work in progress, and I welcome suggestions for presenting her extraordinary life. — Debra Donahue